Sunday, May 30, 2010

Leave it on the field...

So my oldest daughter is getting ready to graduate high school June 2010. I was at an awards ceremony at her school in late May, and I was totally impressed at the fact that she got "The Principals Award" for her overall activities and academic performance (following in her dad's footsteps). I was also inspired by all the other award winners in various categories that chose to make their high school experience as powerful as it could be. Athletic, academics, and activities... there were students who "Left it on the field" so to speak.

That phrase is often used by football coaches around the world. It means to leave everything you have (talent, drive, heart, tenacity, passion, courage, etc.) on the field. Play the game as if everything in the world was going to be determined by what you do in this game at this moment. Though the term is used in sports, the meaning behind it applies to our everyday lives. The successful people in the world are those who "leave it on the field" in whatever area of human endeavor that they embark on. They go hard, or they go home!

I'm far from a Lakers fan! I don't hop on the wagon like others do when it comes to them, but I do respect Kobe Bryant as a player. Is is the Michael Jordan of the new basketball era in the sense that he "leaves it on the field" whenever he plays. He steps up to take the big shots needed to win the game. He doesn't always succeed, but he gives it all that he has. Donald Trump is the same way in the business world. Oprah is that way in the media world, and T.D. Jakes and Louis Farrakhan are like that in their respected ministries.

So I guess my question to you is do you leave it all on the field? What are the areas of your life where you are playing small? Where can you put in greater effort to get greater results? What do you let hold you back from taking the game winning shot, or getting in the game at all for that matter? Yes, I know that that there is a possibility for failure if you take chances... but understand that there is NO POSSIBILITY for success if you don't! Leaving it on the field is not just about getting in the game though. It's about getting in the game and giving it the best that you have to offer. This pertains to life, life, business, family, ministry, and whatever else you can think of that is worth your focused effort! You have the power to do great things, but only if you leave it on the the field when you play the game of life!

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